Enterprise backup solution

In cooperation with rapidly evolving backup software vendor, Serverock Systems offers backup solutions that satisfies every requirement of a modern backup solution.

  • Stable, reliable and certificated data protection solution working over network
  • Built on open technologies
  • Secure, reliable and scalable installment even with tens or hundreds of servers
  • Support for different backup media: hard sisks, tapes, tape robots
  • Full data protection, designed into different layers of servers and applications
  • Professional helpdesk, including possibility for 24/7 support
  • Full integration with virtualized environments

Technical capabilities

  • Different operating systems
  • Graphical or console based administration interface
  • Bare Metal Recovery for both Windows and Linux servers
  • Support for many Windows application servers through VSS: MS Exchange, SharePoint Server, Active Directory, SQL-Server, System State
  • Support for NDMP data stores
  • Oracle databases
  • VMware virtualized environments
  • Data de-duplication


Cost of developing the best and most optimal backup solution depends on your unique needs - required backup software modules and service levels go hand-in-hand with your systems' components, numbers and nature.

Contact us for more information about pricing and references!